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We help you navigate changing market and world conditions with proven frameworks that enable transformation without the tears.

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Adapt to Change

The world of work changes quickly and we can help you set up your business for success under these changing conditions.

Flip Negativity

Running a business can be hard, and it takes its toll on all of us - including how we feel. With the right strategy, you can feel positive about the future - your employees included.

Find & Resolve Issues

Sometimes you don’t know where the problems are. We help you find them, then develop a plan to overcome them with proven frameworks.

Develop New Skills

To transform, we must be willing to part with something old and embrace something new - including leadership skills, strategies, and concepts that will guide the way.

Rewire Systems & Processes

Process is vital, but it cannot exist in a vacuum. The world of work is always changing - so it’s time to rewire how our systems and processes guide us with data.

Unite Your Team

Success requires buy-in from your people, otherwise change is seen as chaos rather than transformative. Find out how you can bring your team together to tackle new changes and developments.
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Business Consulting

We help businesses solve problems relating to management, leadership, operations and change. If you’re feeling under pressure, behind the times, or slipping out of control - we can make a plan for you to succeed.

Strategic Planning & Analysis
Digital Product Development
Business Modelling & Forecasting
Talent Management
And more...
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Legal & Mediation

Make sure your next move is legally sound, but also a win-win for everyone involved. Tamara practices human rights and constitutional law with a focus on negotiating positive outcomes for all parties. Martin has expertise in long-term succession plans that are founded on best-practices.

Contract Strategy & Review
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Coaching & Training

Learn what you need to create ongoing improvements in your business. From people, change, and operations management to diversity and inclusion - we can empower you to lead with confidence at any junction.

Executive Coaching
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Meet Tamara and Martin

Tamara Kronis
Tamara is a consummate problem solver whose advice is sought by some of Canada’s most influential business and political leaders.
Martin Traub-Werner
Martin brings a wealth of senior business experience, most recently as the Founder and CEO of VetSuccess, the veterinary industry’s leader in helping practices and industry understand and take action on veterinary practice data.
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"His advice and recommendations produced results"

"I've worked with Martin and stayed connected to him over the years. Martin is a consummate consultant -- he cares deeply about the people he's working with. He's creative, energetic and thoughtful. He always provided a perspective that was honest and balanced, his advice and recommendations produced results."
Elaine Zapotoczny
Ascent Coaching and Consulting
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"A rare ability to hold you accountable in a positive way"

"I count myself lucky to have had the chance to work with Martin. He’s inspiring to work with, bringing great energy to everything he does, and with a rare ability to hold you accountable in a positive way. He’s reliable, and truly a great human being."
Paul Dowman
Blockchain Engineer, Shopify

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