Martin Traub-Werner

Martin dressed up as a businessman for Halloween when he was seven.  Since then, he’s spent more than 40 years refining his skills and honing his craft. He completed an undergraduate degree in Economics and Spanish at York University in his hometown of Toronto, Canada and a subsequent Master of Industrial and Labo(u)r Relations (MILR) degree at Cornell University. His time at Cornell was spent learning and thinking about the complexity of people management in organizations.

Martin spent a number of years working in Human Resources in large Fortune 500 companies. Ultimately, his entrepreneurial spirit won out. A builder and problem solver, Martin is happiest putting the pieces together to create value. He’s done this a number of times including with VetSuccess. In 2013 Martin started VetSuccess and created the veterinary industry’s first business intelligence and data analytics company. In 2018 VetSuccess was sold to Vetsource and Martin transitioned to an executive leadership role in the company. Martin is involved with client companies as an advisor, and operator, and an investor.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Martin volunteers his time with RISE Asset Development serving on the organization’s loan review committee and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. Martin and his wife Tamara have two teenagers and a lovable Texas street dog named Austin. Martin lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia and finds himself in Toronto frequently visiting family and friends.

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